Special Offerings

For specific dates on these offerings, please see our general calendar.

Diakonia Fund

Our church supports a separate fund that is designated specifically for those in need in our church and community. It is good to be a community that gives to those who face unexpected financial burdens. You may give to this fund by noting on your check, “Diakonia Fund”.

5 Cents Per Meal

Each month, when we celebrate Communion together, we collect our “5 Cents Per Meal Offering”. This is a program within congregations designed to remind us of the poor and needy at mealtimes. It encourages individuals and families to engage in a daily devotional exercise of collecting 5 pennies (or a nickel) per person for shared hunger ministries as they give thanks for their own food. Then each month at Communion individuals bring their “5 Cents Per Meal” offering in a designated envelope.

Four PC (USA) Offerings (Below)

Through the four churchwide special offerings Presbyterians feed the hungry, respond to disasters, care for the sick, minister to children and youth, support racial ethnic schools and colleges, train young adult leaders, and make peace in homes, communities, and nations.

One Great Hour of Sharing (Easter Sunday)

Since 1949 Presbyterians have joined with millions of other Christians through One Great Hour of Sharing to share God’s love with those in need. Your generous gifts assist those affected by natural disasters, provide food to the hungry, and help build strong communities.

Pentecost Offering (Day of Pentecost)

Our generous gifts to this Offering enable the PC(USA) to encourage, develop and support its young people, as well as provide assistance to at-risk children. In addition, a large portion of this offering can be kept by individual congregations for use in their own communities.

Peacemaking Offering (World Communion Sunday)

Our denomination’s adoption of Peacemaking: The Believers’ Calling, which called for an emphasis on peacemaking, paved the way for this offering, which seeks to promote the Peace of Christ across the PC(USA). Individual congregations are encouraged to utilize a large portion of this offering to sustain their local peacemaking ministries.

Christmas Joy Offering (Sunday Before Christmas)

Whether providing financial assistance to current and former church workers and their families or enabling deserving students to attend Presbyterian-related racial ethnic colleges and schools, your generous gifts to the Christmas Joy Offering will bring Good News of Great Joy to the poor in circumstance or spirit.