Funeral Information

“…there is nothing in life or in death that can separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 8:38

Before the Service

The family will meet in the Church Library before the service begins. The minister will lead them into the service from that location.

The Service

The service will be a worship service and in the Presbyterian tradition, and the pastor is responsible for how worship is conducted. He or she will design and handle every aspect of the service if you wish, or they will confer with you about whether you would like music or not, people to share memories of the deceased, or special passages read. If a bulletin is needed, the church will prepare it for you.

Live Streaming

Live-Streaming for funeral/ memorial services is not available. A recording can be made for the family. Please bring a USB thumb-drive (min 8 GB).


People often express their regard for the deceased and his or her family by giving a financial contribution to a charity or the church. If contributions are made to the church and you would like to designate that the contributions be applied to some specific need there, the pastor would be happy to speak with you about what might be appropriate.


Grief is human and not un-Christian. It is about loss and change. It can be a mixture of feelings from tenderness and sadness to thankfulness and trust to guilt and regret. Every person’s journey with grief is different. It can be beneficial to meet with a counselor, a medical doctor, a grief recovery group, and/or your pastor during the journey.


Ours is a trust in Jesus Christ. In his coming, teaching, living, dying, and rising he reveals the gracious heart of God. We commend to you resting in his strong and good arms, now and forever.

Here are some passages from the Bible for our instruction and comfort —
Isaiah 40:28-31
Psalm 23 & 103
Romans 8:31-39
I Corinthians 15
Rev. 21:1-4
John 11:17-27
John 14:1-6
Psalm 121

Here are some traditional hymns that may bring help —
A Mighty Fortress is Our God
O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go
Amazing Grace
O God, Our Help In Ages Past
It is Well With My Soul
Great is Thy Faithfulness
For All The Saints

Helpful Information

A funeral means there has been a death and that may mean many things — loss, sorrow, relief, guilt, numbness, joy in God’s help, or something that a word cannot be put upon. Whatever it is you are encountering as you consider a funeral, we want you to know of our concern and regard for you. This pamphlet is meant to be of simple and practical help. If there is any question or need you have, please just ask. Your point of contact is the pastor. The pastor will meet with you to assist you regarding issues such as choosing a funeral home, burial or cremation, the timing of a service, and how a service is conducted.

Timing of services

Consider the needs of your family and friends. How long will it take for them to arrive if they travel from someplace else? Also, please be cognizant of those involved with the service (family or staff) with work schedules. Please always wait for confirmation from the pastor that he and/ or the church are available before setting your plans.

Services may be conducted at the church, funeral home, or graveside. If the body of the deceased person is present, it is a funeral service. If the body is not present, it is a memorial service. Sometimes a brief graveside service will either precede or follow the one at the church or funeral home. If the body is present, the funeral home will care for the transport and placement of the casket. They may ask if you would like to designate pall bearers (those who carry the casket).


These may be handled by the family directly or by the funeral home.


In the Cocoa sanctuary flowers may be displayed on standards in the area of the casket. If there is not casket, the vases regularly used in the worship service may be used for floral tribute. No nails, tacks, or screws are to be inserted into any part of the building or woodwork, including the pews. The family is responsible for removal of all flowers.


Either the narthex or the chancel are appropriate places for photographs to be placed. They should be placed adjacent to the communion table and not in front of the Bible. The church will provide a small table for a picture of the loved one.


The funeral home will help with the selection of a casket (or urn, in the case of cremation). If the casket is present for the service, it is normally closed before the service begins.


If you wish to record the names of those attending the service, either the family or funeral home can supply an appropriate booklet.


Arrangements for music are made with the minister. Normally only the church music director, or one approved by the organist, plays the organ. As the service is sacred in nature, the music should be sensitive to that nature. The organist/pianist can provide the music or consult with the family about their wishes. (See applicable fees below.)


An user is provided for facility access and to assist the family during the service. (See applicable fees below.)


For church members and family, the church can provide the following items for a reception: desserts, tea, coffee, simple decorations, plates, utensils, cups, tablecloths.

Our Memorial Garden

Was established as a place of beauty for prayer and contemplation. In addition, it is a peaceful place for repose for individuals who desire cremation. The cremains of members of our church, their families and others may be placed there. This follows the ancient practice of having a place for burial near where one worshiped. Memorial bricks are $300.00; A Memorial Book in the church narthex will contain all pertinent information of the person interred. The Memorial Garden is a perpetual-care facility, and is governed by a committee with rules and regulations for orderly usage and maintenance. Please see the CPC Memorial Garden brochure.


Facility Use Fee: There is a $150 cost for non-members to help offset building and maintenance costs. Please make check payable to Cocoa Presbyterian Church. Please help us keep this fee low by having helpers leave our facility as clean as possible.
Usher: $50
Kitchen Assistant: If applicable – $75

Suggested Honorariums

Pastor: $150
Choir Director: If provided by the church – $75
Soloist: If provided by the Church – $75

Organist/Pianist: $150
Audio-Visual Technician: $50

PLEASE NOTE: If multiple functions are performed by the same individual, the fee for each duty applies. E.g. If the Soloist is also the Choir Director, both honorariums are applicable.

The fees and honorariums are paid by the family to the appropriate individuals.